Have your say Cannock Chase – Shaping the Future consultation

Cannock Chase and Bevin’s Birches are great places for nature, history, natural beauty and fun – but they need active management to stay that way. Staffordshire County Council and the RSPB want to manage them to get the best outcome for people and wildlife and so want to know what people who care about the area think.

The first round of discussions took place last autumn and people agreed that a mix of management methods is best, including getting back the tradition of cattle grazing.

Responding to what people said, more detailed proposals have been worked up. We want to know what you think about them and this is a reminder to have your say by responding to the online survey at:


There is still time to respond to this as the survey will now remain open until Monday 14 August 2017.

The results will be used by the invited stakeholders at their next workshop in September to help them produce recommendations to land managers.